How to Grow Taller in Few Easy Steps?

Want to know how to grow taller? The best exercise for increasing height can be as simple as setting a goal and following through with it. Do you have a goal height? Maybe it is time you write one down. Take a piece of paper and write down a height that is believable for you to achieve. Make sure that it is not some magical height and don’t expect to grow taller in a day. Of course I believe in miracles, but you’ll be fighting with your subconscious if it thinks that you can’t achieve that height. If you end up reaching a more believable goal height, you can have a new goal that is what you really want.


Think about it and ask, “Why do I want to become taller?” Do you want to increase height because you feel that getting taller will enable you to do your dream job? Do you want to grow taller because you have a belief that if you get taller you will attract the opposite sex? Do you want to become taller in order to feel respected because so many people have picked on you because you were short? Think about why you really want to be taller.

Ask yourself:

If I grow to become my goal height, what would I have that I don’t have right now? Now, how would that make me feel? How can I grow taller?

When you think about it, what you want really isn’t to be growing taller, but the feeling you get from actually being taller. Most likely, what you really want is not to grow taller fast, but to feel loved, respected and accepted by others. You want all the perks that come with growing in height also and not just added inches to your stature. Now just add these desires to your goal.

How To Be Taller In This Moment

Here is what you can do on a daily basis that will help you increase height.

Read your written goal height aloud and say, ” I choose to be (your goal height) now in this moment.”Close your eyes and imagine that you are currently at your goal height. Visualize how the world will look like at your new vantage point, hear the remarks people will say when they notice that you’ve grown, feel the feelings of actually having everything that comes with being taller.Now open your eyes and fully release this wish into the universe. Tear up the piece of paper. Let go of wanting to be at your goal height and feel like you already have it so that you will be happy whether or not you get the goal.

Do this regularly, but here is a warning: do not feel guilt if you forget to do it or if you have done it incorrectly. It is a “practice”, an exercise to increase height, that can help you get anything you want and not just for getting taller. You might feel very silly the first time you do it, but don’t worry if you’ve been doing it for a long time and nothing has happened yet. Just keep practicing visualizing you growing tall and feeling taller, then let go of wanting the outcome. I know letting go of wanting the outcome seems counter-intuitive and you might think that wanting in more will make you grow taller faster, but think, “Would you rather want to be taller, or would you rather just be taller?”

I know this might not been the information you have been looking for height increase, to help you grow taller, but this is what has helped me get taller and I hope this will help you grow taller. Hope you enjoyed this post. Talk soon!

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